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In our nutricosmetics range, our Bio Cellulose Face Masks are developed with highly advanced technology making it an effective and innovation skincare product.

Bio Cellulose is a patented natural gel sheet made from fermented coconut jelly. It was originally developed for medical applications to be used on skin burns and wounds. Its natural fibers are at least 200 times finer than of regular cellulose masks and has an extremely high absorption rate. It has 3 dimensional nano-fiberil structure, high tensile strength and has an ability to hold 100 times more moisture than its weight and is not easily dried even after 24 hours. It adheres to the body as a second skin enabling it to penetrate its added active ingredients into the skin.
Our hands and feet get dry and rough due to various daily factors. Our patented hand and foot masks offer enriched moisturizing and hydrating effect on hand and feet – similar to a service from a skin care salon. In just 20 minutes you can enjoy home care hand and foot therapy. Our 3-layer hand and foot mask is an effective treatment to instantly moisturize, nourish and protect the layer of your skin. Our unique blend of essence inside the masks will leave your hand and feet clean, soft and supple. Use it twice a week to keep your hand and feet nourished, hydrated and protected.
Save your Sole – Our unique one-step foot peeling mask is a simple and hassle free way to make your feet like a baby’s feet again. This mask with its patented formula and technology is the ideal way to regain your soft and supple feet back. It is specially designed for feet that are dry, course, chapped and cracked. For those of you with rough, cracked feet, this mask will treat these common foot ailments and more - It will make your skin smooth and supple.

Valeo Nutra under its Nutrtion365 brand of nutraceuticals offers exceptional line of speciality products including herbal supplements, and wholesale supplements in categories such as weight management, joint support, women care and a complete line of gender and age specific multivitamins. We pride ourselves on the fact that our manufacturers use the purest, highest quality, most natural nutrients available to produce all of our formulas. Our nutritional research focuses on the complex relationships that exist among available nutrients.

Among the products we offer are

Natural Transitions ™
Osteo Active ™
Cholest Safe ™
Nature's Collagen™
Cardio DMG ™
Mango Plex

Ultimate PreNatal ™
Beaty and Brains ™
Ultimate Care