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As any savvy consumer will understand, a quality product cannot be made without having a quality manufacturing process. They both go hand in glove. 

So what makes us good and unique at manufacturing products?

Below are some details that can give you a clear picture of the care that we take at every step of the manufacturing process, just to provide our customers with products that have 100% quality assurance.

The nutraceutical market is changing rapidly in response to the FDA's new Dietary Supplement Current Good Manufacturing Practices(CGMP)

All our nutritional products are manufactured under these strict guidelines of the USFDA

In an effort to maximize return on capital and other resources, we use only audited, GMP-certified contract manufacturing firms, which have invested heavily in state-of-the-art facilities and quality infrastructure to ensure compliance.

Our FDA cGMPs certified facilities has a comprehensive system of process controls documenting each stage of the manufacturing process to help minimize and detect problems like contamination early in the manufacturing process. The process controls is essential to ensure that nutraceuticals are manufactured, packaged, held, and labeled in a consistent and reproducible manner.


We establish best practices for instrument and analytical procedure validation, as well as implementing a robust quality system.

Laboratory Controls –
Demonstrating the specifications of the supplements can be verified and accurately tested for authenticity.
Manufacturing Operations –
Having a system in place to thoroughly keep records of batches manufactured.
Packaging and Labeling –
Proven ability to characterize contents of packaging and demonstrate that it lines up with specifications.
Holding and Distribution –
Managing the supply chain by developing a process for retaining samples and handling products. Also, making sure that products are identifiable and are not mislabeled.
Handling of Returns and Salvage –
Instilling a process to oversee the proper handling of defects and deviations that are not aligned with regulations.
Product Complaint –
Instituting quality control to oversee how products are handled and mitigated. Formal Procedures and Training Documentation – Implementing a process to maintain documentation of everything from complaints to formula deviations.
Quality Control –
Implementing a department to oversee all procedures are in line with FDA and cGMP regulations and extensive analytical testing is in place.